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Why SimPilot?

SimPilot makes an Airbus A320 FNPT II MCC Flight Simulator Accessible for those that wouldn't normally be permitted access, at a rate that is industry leading. Once you have completed your SimPilot Basic Training Course, subject to final checks, you will be entitled to use our Simulator for just £23.50 per hour, per pilot. There is nowhere else in the WORLD that is priced that low for a professional flight simulator.

The Initial Training Course is priced at £699. If you would like to split your initial training costs, you can pay in 5 instalments of £150. Please note the £699 is a discounted rate for payment in full.

Two Payment Options

SimPilot offers two ways of paying for your initial training.
Pay in full - £699 to get the discounted rate.
Pay in 5 monthly instalments - £750 and start training after your first payment.

If you're from outside Northern Ireland or The Republic of Ireland. Fear not. We'll pick you up from the airport.

We have many SimPilots that are from European countries, including Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Belgium. Most of these SimPilots are on our monthly rollover scheme and fly two to three times a year at our simulator. We'll pick you up free of charge from either Belfast Airport and bring to you AlphaTech HQ for your simulator slots.

We can also help you organise hotels. There's several affordable options close by.

SimPilot is Airbus Instructor Led

Initial training is intensive, but rewarding. We'll give you all the tools you need to operate the Airbus A320 successfully as a dual pilot crew.

Experience quality

Our A320 Simulator is not a bedroom-garage-style device. It is accredited to EASA FNPT II and is used daily for Professional Pilot Training.

All you need for your training is included in your course, including access to our leading Flight Crew Training Centre. (FCTC). It is updated daily.

A trusted partner to the best Flight Simulation Software

Working with ProSim A320 we offer one of the best Fixed Base Airbus A320 Flight Simulators in the UK & Ireland.

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