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Closing date: 18th September 2020


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You don't need any experience to apply to SimPilot. Please note pilots with more than a PPL are not eligible for SimPilot

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After your training is complete

AlphaTech will sponsor two cadets for SimPilot Basic Training, which will be a full SimPilot Training Course for which the normal Terms and Conditions will apply. Please read them here

Please be aware that SimPilot does not count towards any official flight training.

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Why SimPilot?

In a few sentences please tell us about any relevant experience you have as working as a team and how you think that can be applied to training as a SimPilot. List your proficiencies, qualities and attributes.

Please also tell us about anything else that you think is relevant.

Please explain why you are applying for SimPilot

Describe why you should be awarded a SimPilot Basic Training Course

Thank you. Please submit your entry below. You will hear from us after the closing date 18th September 2020. If you have been shortlisted you will be invited for a Simulator Assessment.